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Personalized Wedding Gifts for Her

Posted by ocillious 06th November 2014 0 Comment(s)

Weddings of friends are always a very exciting moment. It is an event that promises loads of fun and enjoyment for the couples’ friends. The anticipation of the bachelor’s night, followed by the proceedings of the other events makes the upcoming event look extremely promising. The day of the wedding is a sad one for the parents of the bride, but same is not the case with the friends. They are there in the event to add fun for the bride and the bridegroom. The anticipation of the upcoming fun makes one very happy,but at the same times the confusion over what gift to give worries them even.

gifts for herThere are many gifting options for the couple that includes gifts like flowers, cakes, photo frames, etc. Flowers act as a good luck for the couple whereas the photo frame is a gift of remembrance for the couple. You can capture the most cherished moment of their life in the photo frame. Any couple would seriously love such a gift from their friend. Giving this gift is an awesome idea, but supposing another friend has come across the same idea and has already gifted it, then giving such a gift would surely not be the best option. In such a case, you can give your friend silver made gifts such as wedding tray.

In the olden times giving a silver tray, was a form of a custom. Thus, you can relive the custom with some of the best silver tray designs for your friend. Personalized wedding gifts include silver tray that have engraved in them the initials of the couple’s name. You can also engrave on it a note of well wishes and pack the tray with roses all around. The tray would act as a remembrance of a lifetime for them. They would simply cherish the moment every time they come across this gift.

Personalized Wedding Gifts For Her

If you feel that the gift of a silver tray is not enough then, you can supplement it with an engraving pen. Personalized gift ideas include this pen also. These are special pens with a diamond tip. With a diamond pen, the couple can ask their guests to sign on it. In this way, the couple would remember the well wishes of their guests forever. Wedding trays are a must in a Christian wedding. All the guests are asked by the couples to write a note on the tray. In this way, the guests try to leave a mark for a couple.

Gifting wine glass is also a good gift to your friends. Gifts for her include gifting wine glasses with the initials of the couples on it. Wine is a drink of celebration and thus gifting a wine glass is not a bad option at all even. All these gifts are unique and different from the ones used now-a-days. In silver gifts, you can also gift silver rings with the initial of the couple to your friend on it. Lockets with the photographs of the couple in it are also a good gift for their wedding.



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