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15 Easy cocktail concoctions for your Christmas party

Posted by ocillious 21st November 2016 0 Comment(s)



Cocktails have always been the best drink to serve during parties or have when outing with friends. This Christmas is being an amazing host of your Christmas party with the 15 easy cocktail concoctions. These ideas are easy to do as quick to apply when arranging for a  mass audience.


Recently you have amazing glasses and jars that can be used in a multiple way. So make the most of it with the best ever-cocktail party at your home on Christmas. Here are some interesting and easy to do concoctions:


1-Winter Sangria




You cannot ask for anything more than this. This amazing winter sangria can be served in mason jar. Prepare your winter Sangria like always and serve it in a mason jar to surprise your loved ones. You can get personalized glassware as well to do it best! Created by Bakeaholic Mama.


2-Slow Cooker Spiced Wine




This Christmas cocktail will make you forget all the rest. This calm and tempting idea will just work for you. The slow cooker spiced wine will save your time and lets you stay cozy with the glass of warm spiced wine. Adding spice to your wine would make it worth the party. Get the recipe at Well Plated.


3-The Harvest Sparkle



This never before style will blow up your mind. Cider honey syrup mixed with whiskey and topped with prosecco and rosemary makes the best cocktail for Christmas with a kick. Get kicked with this amazing style of cocktail that will always be the best ever in all the present one.


Get the recipe at Fed and Fit.


4-Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco




If you would want to serve your guest with the freshness of fruits and much more than this will defiantly work for you. The refreshing fresh fruit treat on Christmas can simply add flavors of summer in your winter celebration. Let the celebration wrap you up with the warmth of summer flavors! Get the recipe at Damn Delicious.


5-Pomegranate Santa Hat Martini




Say cheers with this perfect Pomegranate Santa hat Martini. The borbon Lemon juice, sparking and much more makes it a perfect drink for your guest and friends. This one of defiantly must to have in your party when hosting a Christmas celebration. Get the recipe at Oh My Creative.


6-Raspberry Cream Mimosas




Let the colors say it all with this cool and loved Mimosas. Some Frozen raspberries, Sugar, heavy cream and a drink. A perfect presentation of colors in an interesting way. Get the recipe at The Stier Aesthetic.


7-Jack Frost Cocktail




This cool cocktail presentation will let you want it on your Christmas day and everyday as well. This one is the winter version of pina Colada. So get frozen this winter with the chilled cocktail and a perfect celebration to heat up as well. Get the recipe at Homemade Hooplah.


8-Cider Pomegranate Smash




Apple pomegranate cider and pomegranate seeds over ice gets the perfect holiday spirit to your celebration. The ice adds a perfect freezing flavor to the drink that doubles the fun of holiday celebration. Get the recipe at Clara Persis.

9-Coffee Cocktail




After having so much of said, coffee is always a darling to everyone especially during winters. Coffee cocktail makes a perfect celebration drink to serve with its amazing flavor. A combination of strong coffee, butterscotch schnapps, amaretto and coffee liqueurs and crème de cocoa will blow up your mind and heart.  Topped with perfect fresh white cream and grated chocolate says it all! Get the recipe at Eclectic Recipes.


10-Christmas Peppermint Shake Cocktail



Are you a fan of Smirnoff? Then this one if for you.  Blend together  strawberry and vanilla bean ice cream, Smirnoff peppermint Twist, mint syrup,  Ghirardelli peppermint bark and  crushed candy canes. Now enjoy a sip after a pepperminty sip! You are all there to kick the party. Get the recipe at A Worthy Read.


11-Butterscotch Martini Cocktail




Vanila vodka paired with butterscotch flavor will make your guest feel familiar. To add more flavor into it add sprite and  cream soda a perfect blend to go together.  So nothing much is left to complain when you have all at the best place. Get the recipe at Living Locurto.


12-Blackberry Ombre Sparkler




This party drink is a perfect drink to serve your guests at Christmas party. You can be the perfect host doing this. The presentation can match with the celebration theme and you can make the best use of decorative to make the glass look like it is meant to be served for this party.  Get the recipe at The Cookie Rookie.


13-Jingle Juice




This batch of jingle juice is loaded with rum, mango,  pineapple,  and orange juice. So you have a big glass of cocktail with a perfect juice to join the celebration. This would be just as easy as any drink to get ready for your party. Get the recipe at Baked Bree.


14-Peppermint White Christmas



Are you looking out for some Christmas perfection? You have found it right here. This Christmas drink loaded with white chocolate, champagne and peppermint stick takes up all the limelight. A perfect drink to serve at your party! Get the recipe at Freut Cake.


15-Satsuma and Pomegranate Campari




Are you thirsty, you will be thirstier looking at this perfect cocktail drink for your Christmas party. This blend of pomegranate drink will make you thirsty and grab one as soon as you see it. Get the recipe at Bakers Royale.


However, you can also go for some Personalized Halloween gift for your guest that will just lit up the celebration fever and make this one of the interesting parts to enjoy as well. There are many ways you can host the party, but doing best in less time is what we all look for. With the above said ideas, you can surely rock the party with some kicking cocktails that are easy to make by self without being professional in it. You can be a master of your own with these easy to do ideas.

So rock the party with these cocktails drinks you can be the best host and best chef as well to serve best for your guests. There is lost you can do with these, using personalized glassware and decorative toppings you can be your own master in inventing a new drink.

Lets get started for your Christmas party and grab the best ingredients for your cocktail drink that you wish to have for the party. Don’t forget to grab the expression of every guest when taking a sip of you. You will surely pat your back after that!


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