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7 Luxurious Personalized Jewelry Gift Ideas For Her

Posted by ocillious 24th February 2017 0 Comment(s)


7 luxurious personalized jewelry gift ideas for her


Personalized gifts make a wonderful expression of any feelings. No matter what the occasion is or whom you have to gift it, all matter is the idea and the special message that you wish to say it through the gift. With our online personalized gift collection you can simply relay on any special occasion to us as we make it memorable and special day of your life. There are many ways to customize a gift that you would want to gift your special ones. Jewelry makes a most loving gift idea when customized in a special way.

We have shortlisted some of the special personalized gift ideas for you to make it easier and have most special experience. There are luxurious personalized gifts that will stay with you or your dear ones forever:


1) Personalized Signature Handwritten Ring


Personalized Signature Handwritten Ring


Crafted with love, this ring is personalized with the handwritten phrase or name. This gift makes an awesome collection to gift your maid, mom or any special women like your bride itself. The whole idea of personalized ring in your won handwritten style makes it more precious with a personal touch. It makes a complete new expression to your love.

2) Fingerprint-style Wedding Ring


Fingerprint-style Wedding Ring


This stunning finger print style wedding ring makes one of the most hearts touching gift to surprise your bride. This ring is bold and study customized with your hand prints. Makes amazing wedding ring ideas! You can call it a luxury personalized jewelry gifts for her that is crafted with a master piece. To add more to it, on the other side you can simply get a phrase in your handwriting written something like, “Today…Tomorrow…. Always a bond unbroken”. Isn’t it cool!

3) Personalized Signature Bracelet


Personalized Signature Bracelet


The handwritten bracelet contains the signature of your loved ones. Or it can have a super special message to always be cherished. The personalized signature makes a thoughtful and most special gift for your bride on her special day. Not every gift can have the charm of personalized gift, so it is very much special when you are gifting it in your own handwritten style. That makes one feel closer to you and special at the same time. Bracelets are one of those accessories that can be carried well with anything and anytime. So this makes one thoughtful gift idea!

4) Customized Name Ring


Customized Name Ring


If you have been looking for something very special that you missed on your wedding day then this is it. Send personalized anniversary gifts to your love with the customized name on the ring. This is another version of customized jewelry where it’s your name in your own handwriting being added to the ring. This is 100% crafted and makes a meaningful gift to your love, Friends or to yourself on the special day. There can be many occasion but gifting this on the right one can make a perfect picture to be framed forever in your heart.

5) Love Letter Locket with Personalized Handwritten Note


Love Letter Locket with Personalized Handwritten Note


There have been many collections in locket with different elements, but how about carrying the letter you have received from your loved ones always? Isn’t it just amazing the feeling. So with this luxury gift idea, gift your dear ones a customized love letter locket with the personalized handwritten note. Write down a special note of love for your special ones and get it engraved in your own handwriting on the locket. This is so darling that you cannot resist from gifting one to your special one.

6) Personalized Silver Tie Clip


Personalized Silver Tie Clip


For him you can always go for this gift idea. The personalized Silver tie clip makes one impressive gift to give him. Personalized the silver clip with your handwriting and it is will make an ideal wedding thank you gift idea. This can make an amazing gift for your Dad, brother or even the groom. Make the special occasion a memorable one with this amazing gift for him. If you are thinking personalized gifts are only meant for girls, then this one will prove you wrong and will definitely let you buy one for your special person that mean a lot to you!

7) Personalized Vertical Handwritten Jewelry Pendant


Personalized Vertical Handwritten Jewelry Pendant


There are many varieties of pendants that is available but what matters is the thought of gifting such a special piece. With the personalized handwritten pendent, we have discovered this unique style that can go very well with anyone. If you prefer to gift a beautiful script then handwritten style font works perfect for this locket. The unique style of this locket is the vertical style name necklace that can be designed from scratch. Use any font in any language and you will be best at presenting it to your special ones.


Have you been surprised with these amazing luxurious personalized gift ideas that can have your own feelings and handwriting craved on it? This makes a perfect customized gift collection for your special ones on your special day. There can be, many thing you would want to convey, with these gifts it has become easy for you to say it in a right way to your love!


Grab one for your special one and make his/her day a memorable to flaunt it happily to peers and colleagues. There is not happiness without a personalized gift. Because it carries, you own feeling and touch which cannot be compared with any other gift idea.


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