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9 DIY Mason jar Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Posted by ocillious 04th April 2017 1 Comment(s)


9 DIY Mason jar Gift Ideas for Mother's Day


DIY crafts are easy and affordable. Want to try this DIY craft for mother’s day gift? let’s take you to the world of Mason jar crafts. Here are the 9 DIY mason jars ideas to make a last minute mother’s day gift. It is beyond the price gift for your mom, because it is handmade by her dearest child. Here are the quick learning steps to make Mason jar gifts.If you are searching for the mother’s day gifts buy personalized gifts for mom from here, check it.


1. Mason Jar Filled with Chocolates


Mason Jar filled with chocolates


Bring sweetness in relationship by gifting her Mason jar filled with chocolates. If your mom’s heart is of child from inside, you must treat her with the sweet gift of chocolates. Take a Mason jar fill it with her favorite candy and chocolates inside. Now cover a lid with beautiful net and decor the edges of lid with silk ribbon. Now hang a beautiful tag of mother’s day on the end part of ribbon. A creative sweet treat is ready in just two minutes.


2. DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit


DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit


It is a quick and easy guide for making a special gift for the crafty woman. If she loves doing various embroidery crafts at home, admire her talent by filling the glass jar with sewing kit. Sewing kit is available easily in the market. Fill the embroidery thread and fabric in jar and make a pin cushion at the top and add multi color notions on it.


3. DIY Flowers Mason jar Ideas


DIY Flowers Mason jar Ideas


DIY paper flower craft is an absolute choice to deck the Mason jar. Use a printed or simple cardboard and cut a flower shape design from this. Now use the adhesive to glue the ends. Full Mason jar with colorful candies and top the jar lid with beautiful paper flower. If you do not have much time, buy paper flower from market and stick it on the lid. Your end time gift is ready.


4. Routine Kit Mason Jar


Routine Kit Mason Jar


A mom’s survival kit is highly appreciable gift. It is a useful gift she can use it on the daily basis. A hand sanitizer, a small mascara and chap stick, under eye creme, Listerine strips and don’t forget to include chocolates in the end. On the other hand it shows that you are really concerned for your mother. Cut the tags of your choice write a special message on it and glue it on the gift.


5. Beauty Products Mason Jar


Beauty products Mason Jar

Spa and pampering kit is the special surprise she was always wishing to be gifted. Buy her favorite body message creme, cleansing lotion, night creme, aromatic candles, foot and hand creme and with body scrubber. Fill all the beauty products in jar and top the ribbon on the lid to hang a printable tag on it.


6. Mason Jar Gift with Pedicure


Mason Jar Gift with Pedicure


Fill Mason jar with three mini plastic containers. First plastic container is for soaking feet; one is for scrubbing feet, one foot lotion to pamper the feet. It is the best healing gift to feel her feet relaxed for the day. Pour all three plastic containers into jar and decorate it with beautiful ribbon and lovely tag.


7. Printed Mason Jar with Flowers


Printed Mason jar with Flowers


Blossom your mom’s heart with wonderful Mason jar art. Paint Mason jar with her favorite color and pour fresh flower stems in it. What is her favorite flower; find it out from the florist shop. Buy it and deck it on the beautiful handmade vase.


8. Cookies in Mason Jar


Cookies in Mason Jar

Is she loves eating cookies? Satisfy her sweet side by filling Mason jar with her favorite cookies. First pour colorful candies and then add the layers of cookies one by one. Cover the lid and top it with white and red color thread. Printable tags are available in the market, so get it and hang it on the thread. Instant sweet treat is ready to surprise your sweet mom.


9. Customized Mason Jar with Mom Photo


This will be a best memorable gift for your mom. Just cut a shape of photo of Mason jar and insert it into the jar. Highlight a photo into jar, delight small candles in the sides of jar and see how beautiful it looks. It will be the best keepsake gift for your mom.

Send in your special greetings of mother’s day through sending Personalized Gifts Online. Steal your mom’s heart with such a priceless handmade Mason jar crafts. It is the best token of love you were always wishing to give your mom. So try these ideas and present her the gifts she has never expected before.


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