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9 Perfect Return Gifts Ideas for 1st Birthday Party

Posted by ocillious 21st March 2017 0 Comment(s)


9 perfect Return Gifts Ideas for 1st Birthday Party


It is very exciting and fun filled moment of celebrating kid’s first ever birthday party. You must have planned everything, but have you thought about very important return gifts. Return gifts are also called favor gifts. Favor gifts are given at the end of the party when children are going home after party. It will ruin your efforts if you do not get proper return gifts for kids. In this article will help you in buying thank you gift or return gift for the invited little guests. We have mentioned list of personalized gifts for kids to make your kids birthday remembered till the next birthday.


1. Personalized Mugs for kids


 Personalized Mugs for kids


If you want to pay children’s attention towards your gift, you must consider this type of gift. Custom mug is a smart choice for buying the gift for the party guests. Make a list of children’s and etch their names on mugs. Children will surely get fascinated by the lovely mug printed their names on it. They will love to be it for drinking milk in every morning.


2. Custom Picture Frames


Custom Picture Frames


If you have a photo of children or young guests you can customize it in the vibrant and colorful frame. If you do not have it, you can ask the children to bring the photo of them. This will be a unique return gift for the children. And assure you they will save it for longer time to remind the sweet memories of birthday.


3. Cartoon Story Books


Cartoon Story Books


If you are seriously looking for the exclusive gift for your guests, you must not overlook to this gift. Children loves magical and wonderland stories and when it is available with artistic patchwork. Buy a story books with pictured stories. Children will enjoy reading the story books via pictures. Mostly jungle stories, hero’s stories are loved by children. Buy a magical story of princess and prince for lovely girls.


4. Cute Piggy Banks



Cute Piggy Banks


Encourage dear children towards savings through gifting cute piggy banks. There are so many cartoons shaped, Disney shaped, princess shaped, animal shaped piggy banks available in the gift stores. Personalize the piggy banks with the children’s names. Help them to earn pocket money through giving them small piggy banks.


5. Personalized Hand Napkins


Personalized Hand Napkins


Let’s help the children to take their napkins always with them. This will help them to make themselves neat and clean every time. Buy a simple hand napkin from the stores. Now embroider children’s name with thread. This is a super easy gift giving option. Children will not forget to keep the napkin specifically made for them.


6. Vibrant Divided Feeding Plates


Vibrant Divided Feeding Plates


Mothers always complaints of kids do not take proper food in the right time.  But their problems with solve with such a nice gift. Children will start loving food when they will be given the meal in the vibrant divided feeding plates. Kids must be exhausted from taking meal from the same boring plates. Buy the divided feeding plates which are divided into two or three plates. It will make their meal more interesting and colorful.


7. Block Game


Block Game


Children always love playing games. Block game is an interesting game play for children. Kids can make the buildings, floors and many other images through block games. This will help them keeping busy in holiday time. Count how many children are invited and buy that much of amount of block games. This will not fall your budget and you will get extra discount on the bulk orders tool.


8. Kids Water Bottle


Kids Water Bottle


Water bottle is something that children always take with them in school or tour. Buy stainless steel bottle exclusively printed with fun color. Children will go crazy after taking the unique bottles especially crafted with their names. You will get various types of sizes and shapes customized water bottles at the online gift shop. You can buy it directly from it.


9. Kids Height Charts


Kids Height Charts


some gifts remember for longer duration. Kid’s height chart is one type of gift. Kid and kid’s mom can use it to show the healthy growth and height of the children. With this chart they will learn height measuring.   It will also learn them to take food properly for increasing height.

Are you not finding any clue? Do not worry personalized gifts delivery shop is the best way to find the high quality gifts in the affordable rates. If you want to make your return gifts noticed for the children, above mentioned 9 gifts are the most suitable for you. Or else you can watch other personalized gifts from online shop. You will get various types of choices and selection of gifts to choose and buy from.


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