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Father's Day Gift Ideas for Beer/Whiskey Lover Dad

Posted by ocillious 27th May 2016 0 Comment(s)


Picking an apt gift for your father on the occasion of Father’s Day could be a tough one. Surely you could simply gift him a tie or a coffee mug saying ‘World’s Best Dad’, but that wouldn’t be enough for a father who loves whiskey or beer. So to help you out here are some personalized gifts for dad, who has a soft corner for beer or whiskey in his heart.


      1  - Beer Tasting Set


Beer Tasting Set


If your father cannot choose which beer to have, then why not help him out in tasting all of his choices so as to arrive on a decision! A Beer Tasting Set that has been carved from wood is an excellent choice if your father is a beer aficionado. This particular set can be personalized as you desire. The tasting set comes with four mini-pilsners. The entire set which has been handmade by a local wood-worker has also been stained by hand. Each of these exquisitely carved paddles is festooned with a leather hanging strap, for easy storage. A gift such as this beer tasting set will garner appreciation from you father and he is sure hold on to it quite close to his heart.


      2 -  Mini Whiskey Barrel



It might sound odd to gift your dad a whiskey barrel on Father’s Day, but this personalized Mini Whiskey Barrel will just take his breath away. Carved out of oak wood, this one of a kind mini barrel has the appearance of a large size barrel as it has been delicately branded with steel. Its capacity is 2 liters. The cask is adorned with its own spigot, bung and stand so that filling it up and serving from it becomes convenient. Instructions cleaning, curing and sanitizing the barrel before use is also included. During those outdoor parties that your father likes to hold this would be the ideal accompaniment, so that serving whiskey during the party becomes hassle free.


       3 - Monster Beer Mug


Monster Beer Mug


The Monster Beer Mug is suitable for quenching a monster-sized thirst. Available for personalization, the one beer mug could be bought or it could be purchased in a set. It holds around a liter of liquid, saving numerous trips to the kitchen and letting your father watch that game without any disruption. The dimension of this Monster Beer Mug is 8” x 4” and holds exactly 32 ounces. Personalize this mug with your father’s initials and gift it to him this Father’s day. Personalized gift delivery has been made available. In no time will you see him roaming about the house with his customized Monster Beer Mug in hand, with pride.


       4 - Whiskey Growler


Whiskey Growler


A personalized whiskey growler is both stylish and personal. Made out of glass, a traditional glass whiskey growler bearing your dad’s initials or his first name or last name will prove to be a perfect gift on this Father’s Day. The growler comes with four whiskey glasses. Each of these glasses has a capacity of 12 oz. A growler of 64 oz. having a twist off cap will make a unique gift. Any fine whiskey lover dad is sure to appreciate this whiskey growler. The whiskey growler will be anexcellent addition to your dad’s home barware collection.The use of the whiskey growler and glass set will be the perfect way for your father to sip his favorite bourbon or scotch, as well as share it with his friends.


       5 - Whiskey Barrel Sign


Whiskey Barrel Sign


If you have gifted your father all the possible gift suggestions as is given above over the past Father’s Day celebrations, then this time decorate your father’s favorite personal space with a Whiskey barrel sign. This statement piece available for customizationwill definitely bring a smile on your father’s face and simultaneously light up the home bar or any space that your father would like to decorate it with. Procured from authentic whiskey barrels, this real wood sign would add a touch of class to your father’s favorite space. Alike real whiskey barrels, each wooden sign is surrounded by an aged metal hoop. This one of a kind whiskey barrel wall décor will be admired by your father for years to come and he will never get tired of showing it off to his friends.


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