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A Father's Love: A Mighty Kids Celebrates Father's Day

Posted by ocillious 09th June 2016 0 Comment(s)

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If you are expecting lot of happiness on your father’s faces on 19th June, you must follow these tips. Here we are going to give you thorough knowledge of how to make a father’s day a big day. Well there are so many ideas of celebrating father’s day, and we are going to acknowledge you some tips for kids. Learn how kids can enjoy father’s day with their Dad. It is a fruitful task to bring eternal intimacy between kid and the father. Mother can help kids in this lovely exercise. Yeah! This trick is definitely going to help you in increasing love, togetherness and unity in relations. Hey Kids! we guarantee you, your dad will give you a tight hug and kisses, once you will do such a nice exercise for him.


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1-Say Thank You


Say Thank You


“Father”, you might say the second angle of the God, protects us, survive us, cares us and loves us. Father works hard day and night for our good life and comfort. He never argues, he just say OK when we argue for some things. For this lovely fatherhood, Thank You word is small. But still you can appreciate his kind nature and gratitude by Saying Thank You Father in a different manner.


If you wish to book a personalized gifts for Dad, you have come to the definite place. Here you will get all types of quality gifts to send in Father’s day.Kid can make DIY greetings cards and write Thank You word on their own. There are loads of personalized gifts for saying Thank You to your father. Resume his special kind and selfless love with saying Thanks with gifts. You can send personalized Leather items, Photo Frames, Coffee Mug, Whisky Mug and share your lovely thoughts with your father. You can prepare greetings where you can write poem, phrase or lovely greetings. This will be a big deal to commemorate his kind and loving nature.

2- Playing Game with Daddy


Playing Game with Daddy


Like all others do don’t follow the same. Be creative and plan something unusual and unique to make his day. Father’s day is the day to reward the special duties of father. Kid can enjoy this father’s day by creating a special zone of games for daddy. There are loads of games like eggs and spoon race, sack race, family fun race, apple bobbing and many other games you can search online to make the great day for the deserving dad. Plan a game which he likes the most in the play ground area.  Join him on the brain teaser game for creating remembered moments with him. For the comfort and resting game, you can plan to play a video game with your father. Winning personality will reward with the gift. With this trick your father will have a great time to spend with your innocence.

3- Craft Activity with dad


Craft Activity with dad


Definitely you can involve your dad in the craft activity. You can allow your dad to join in the fun ideas of crafts and learning activities. Plan accordingly and arrange the raw material first. Tell your Dad to join in making wonderful painting, homemade photo frame, create a yarn heart card. You can make amazing crafts using glass bottle photo frame. There are loads of ideas of crafts activities to surf online. You can invite the father to paint a coffee mug, making garland of I LOVE You Dad.

4- Spent Time with Daddy on Beach


Spent Time with Daddy on Beach


If you really want a special approach with your father, spend quality time with your father. Plan a trip of going at beach. Really it won’t bust the budget. You can spend the wonderful day with your dad with this amazing trick. You can plan food, drink, carpet, football and other important things and take at the beach tour to spend the quality time. You can buy same swimming costumes for your dad and for the special surprise. Enjoy taking bath and playing beach with your father. This could be the best day of your father he will never forget in his life time.


There are unlimited ideas of sharing emotions with your dad on father’s day. We have come up with some beautiful idea will definitely strike to his heart. If you want to go ahead with these tricks don’t wait for the day, start planning in advance. Just you require proper planning and arrangement for the day. You can take help of your mother or elder brother and sister for planning this. You will spread a big big smile on his face, once he will get stunning surprise on his day.


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