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Tips to Take Care of Your Expensive Diamond Jewellery

Posted by ocillious 31st March 2015 0 Comment(s)

The second greatest gift a mother or a grandparent gives to their young ones or grandchildren aside from ultimate love and care are jewellery. It has been known over the years that mothers pass down something precious to their offspring as a gesture of their eternal affection and family heirloom for their continued generation. It is an admirable tradition that’s slowly fading away nowadays.

With majority people being pre-occupied with work and family, it is hard for them to find time or pay attention to their most prices jewellery possessions. However, it is high-time people come to the realization that taking great care of one’s jewellery doesn’t consume much time or even cause one to lose sleep. Therefore, if you ever hope to share in the tradition of passing down cherished diamond jewellery, you need to take good care of them and have them sparkling in years to come.

Here are a few tips on how you can care for your expensive diamond jewellery that will help you become the object of adoration and admiration.

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  1. Always ensure that you store your jewellery in a clean, dry place because moisture ruins the jewellery, which results in discoloration and erosion.
  2. The most suitable places to store your jewellery is in plastic zip-lock bags, multi-sectional fabric-lined purse, or a red-colored tissue paper usually provided by local jewelers.
  3. Store all your jewellery separately as opposed to having them all cramped up in one bag. This will also help avoid scratches from rubbing against one another.
  4. Avoid contaminating your jewellery with chemicals for example perfume, hairspray, body lotion and cosmetics. Chemicals cause damage to jewellery, which results in corrosion hence losing its sparkle.
  5. When cleaning your diamond jewellery, use a soft cloth or tissue, mild soap and a solution of ammonia in water, and pat them dry when you are done cleaning. Also, clean your jewellery in a bowl or container and not the sink, you might end up losing a stone that was loose.
  6. Have all scratched and loose stones replaced.
  7. Have all your diamond jewellery checked out by your local jeweler at least twice a year for clean-up and repairs.
  8. Do not swim in your jewellery. The chlorine water can cause permanent damage or discoloration, so take of your ring and earrings before you take a swim.
  9. To remove dust from your diamond ring, use a cotton bud soaked in glycerin or cologne to wipe the stone. After, use a flannel to polish it.
  10. Take off all your diamond jewellery when partaking in a strenuous activity such as ports and gym. Such vigorous activities may involve intense blows to your jewellery resulting in damage.
  11. Never place your jewellery in danger prone places such as bathtubs or sink. They could get accidentally knocked off or lost.
  12. Clean your jewellery weekly for it to retain its sheen.
  13. Diamonds are inarguable expensive, therefore you should have them insured to safeguard them from loss, theft or accidental damage.

Taking good care of your expensive diamond jewellery goes a long way to ensuring its longevity as a treasure that can be handed down from one generation to another. Caring for your diamond jewellery is very efficient and simple, with proper practical habits, consistent cleaning, and proper safe-keeping. By adhering to these, you will guarantee the great look and perfect condition of your jewellery for several years to come.

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Leo Preston is a passionate reader and writer, and also the author of the above article. Before dedicating her time to research and writing, she worked as a jewellery expert, specialized in diamonds. She wrote the above article hoping to inspire her readers to take better care of their jewellery by offering tips on how to go about it for efficiency. She finds companies such as Diamonds International and others like it, to be very efficient in their jewellery services

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