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100 Unique Uses Of Classic Jar Glass

27th September 2016 0 Comment(s)


Have you ever wonders how beautiful those glass jars can be for you if used in different ways. You might have gone for shopping home decor items and wondering where you can use those unique shaped glass jars, In the recent times, there are a number of varieties of jars available in the market and online stores. Some of the popular jars are Mason jar Glass, customized jars, and many more which are equally dazzling and can confuse you at the time of purchase. Don’t worry, we have these many unique personalised-glasses-gifts for you to make the perfect use of them. Here are the ideas to use classic jar glasses in different ways.

1. Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Casserole

Make your breakfast meal interesting with the breakfast casserole in classic jar glass. This will definitely make delicious casserole look yummy and taste yummy. This yummy breakfast is  paleo-friendly to boot. This one is perfect to feed large families. A sweet  potato and sausage breakfast  casserole is a perfect meal to add in your jar and reuse it.

2. Apple Quinoa Breakfast Parfait

Apple Quinoa Breakfast Parfait

Apple quinoa breakfast will me much more fun and delicious when you add it in your jar. Simply fun and delicious way to present breakfast dishes to your little ones and big ones. This apple quinoa breakfast parfait recipe provided by SheKnows will satisfy your morning cravings and give you a nutrient boost to start the day.

3. Apple Cranberry Overnight Oats

Apple Cranberry Overnight Oats

Make oats look delicious by presenting it and reusing your classic jars. Don’t let the delicious breakfast feel left out. Simply add it in your jar and make it look stunning like never before.

Meals in a Jar

Now this is not all, you can add meal in your jar and personalize it your way for your loved ones.

4-Pizza in a Jar

Pizza in a Jar

Wondering how the huge big round size pizza can fit into the jar and yet look stunning. Yes! You heard oit right, make your meal interesting by using a glass jar. Pizza Jar it is! Thanks to 1 Fine Cookie for the pizza in a jar tutorial and photo.


5-Chopped Salad in a Jar


 Salads make the jar look colourful, when the chopped salad are filled in it. It will definitely take up the table on the top with the presentation!

6-Lazy Lasagna


It is no more a lazy lasagna, because when filled in a jar it will automatically be an active dish on the plate to have. The classic jar will make it look like the one dish you would want to grab the first. Photos and recipes from Big Red Kitchen, where you can find a whole section dedicated to Mason jar meals!


7-Dinner Rolls

Dinner Rolls

How about keeping all your rolls in one place without rolling it all over the plate? Just amazing! Keep all the Dinner rolls stored in the jar like and let everything be organized on your table.

8-Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Salad

Stunning quinoa salad makes the jar look like a star jar on the table or when placed in any corner of the house. This makes you salad look delicious and also organized as well. This quinoa salad courtesy of The Chic is a tasty grab-and-go lunch that will supply key nutrients to fuel your day.

9-Cobb Salad

Cobb Salad


The main dish of American golden salad made from chopped veggies and tossed in royal wine adds a great way to reuse your classic jar. hanks to ValSoCal for creating this simple cobb salad in a jar recipe that includes fresh ingredients and a homemade dressing.

10-Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes

Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes


Yes cupcake jar it is. Reuse your jar with the small size cupcakes filled it. Thanks to Cookies & Cups for sharing the orange dreamsicle cupcake recipe and photos.

11-S’mores Cake

S’mores Cake


Place the monsoon jar in baking dish and add in water in the tray. Bake the cake for 30 minutes and make your won S’mores cake Jar. This s’mores  cake recipe topped with crispy, browned marshmallows is seriously crave-worthy.

12-Rice Krispy Treats

Rice Krispy Treats


The crispy  treats in the jar simply makes a perfect way to reuse your jar. Add in all the ingredients and let celebrate time with dear ones enjoying the crispy treats. Thanks to Pretty Prudent for the single serve microwave rice krispy treats recipe and photo.

13-Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding

Bake the classical and easy bread pudding recipe in a jar and you can have one of the best deserts to impress your guests and dear ones. This bread pudding recipe provided by Savor This Moment

14-Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Carrot Cake Cupcakes


Bake your carrot cake in the jar. The flavorful carrot cake is filled in the jar and topped with cream.        Thanks to SheKnows for this carrot cake cupcakes on the go recipe and photo

15-Homemade Pumpkin Butter

Homemade Pumpkin Butte


Another amazing meal to add in the jar is this homemade pumpkin butter that adds smooth and delicious dish on your meal. Thanks to Meals Full Of Color for this pumpkin butter recipe and photo


16-Chocolate Soy Mousse Parfait

Chocolate Soy Mousse Parfait

Everybody will love this chocolate soy mousse Parfait that will take up all the limelight. Thanks to The Boke Effect for the parfait with chocolate mousse recipe and photo.

17-Pumpkin Pie


Treat your guest with the lovely pumpkin pie in a jar or give them a tailgating treat. Thanks to The Nerd’s Wife for this great idea and photo.

Now, Mason Jar Drink Ideas. Till now you must have had drink in glass or bottles or also even in jar. But here are some of the ideas you would make your drink look sparkling.

18-Cake Batter Milkshakes

Cake Batter Milkshakes


Cake batter milkshake with the heavy and thick layer of cream is a perfect shake jar for your dear ones.

19-Mason Jar Cold Brewed Coffee

Mason Jar Cold Brewed Coffee

This one is simply pretty shake idea to add in your Manson jar. Cold brew coffee in jar can be  you dirty morning secrete. see how easy it is to make coffee in a jar.

20-Pimm’s Cups

Pimms Cups

Pimms cups can be a perfect fix for your drink. Stripped straw and a jar can be a perfect presentation for party or any other celebration. Thanks to Brit+co. for this Pimm’s cup recipe and photo.

21-Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Shaker

Reuse your classic jar and make it  a cocktail shaker for your drinks.  A perfect idea for shaker essentials. Frock Files explains how to create a Mason jar cocktail shaker at home with just a jar and a drill.

22-Infused Alcohol


If you love experimenting with alcohol, then your jars are the best way to present all of them. Northwest Edible Life provides a thorough explanation of the different alcohol choices and the best ways to infuse your booze.

23-Party Glasses

party glasses

When you call it for party, you have to be the best host in all means. Here is a perfect way to simply uplift the party theme by reusing classic jars as a party glasses. The Krazy Coupon Lady shows you how to use brightly colored cupcake liners to create a set of matching beverage glasses with a little flair.

Another Ways to Use Jar is in the Kitchen

24-Toothpick Dispenser

Toothpick Dispenser

It becomes messy to organize your toothpicks. However, with the classic transparent jar you can have them all in one place and yet look perfect. Thanks to Eclectic Recipes for the toothpick dispenser instructions and photo.

25-Chalkboard Spice Jars

cholk board spice jar

Spice up the jars with the colors of chalkboard. A perfect idea to keep your kitchen look as bright as your living room. Raising Up Rubies explains how to use chalkboard spray paint and some wrapping paper to create a decorative display with easy-to-find spices in this chalkboard spice jars blog post.

26-Powdered Sugar Shaker

Powdered Sugar Shaker

Preserve your powdered sugar in the classic jar and let your kitchen rack look organized and clean. Thanks to The Burlap Bag for the DIY powdered sugar shaker tutorial and photo.

27-Muffin Cup Storage

Muffin Cup Storage

Store your Muffins and cupcake without damaging them in a jar. Mel’s Kitchen Café shared an innovative idea to store muffin cups in Mason jars.

DIY Mason Jar Gifts

28-Cookie Mix in a Jar 


Here is the perfect Custom jar gift idea for your foodie friend and loved ones. Something Turquoise provides a recipe and printable labels to make the perfect Mason jar cookie mix favor.

29-Stylish Sock Jars

Stylish Sock Jars

Stylize your jar with the socks storage. Thanks to the gals at Mondo Cherry for this ingenious idea and for sharing their photo.

30-Snow Globe

Snow Globe

Snow globe is a good idea as well to present your dear ones with a memorable long-lasting present. Thanks to Julie Ann Art for this Mason jar snow globe tutorial and photo.

31-Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit

Organize  your sewing material in a jar and wrap it up with ribbon that makes it look prettier than before. Momtastic explains how to make your own pincushion lid to top a jar of sewing essentials.

32-Photo Frames

Photom Frame

If you have small sized photos makes your jar a perfect frame for them. Also a gift to present any one on any occasion. Thanks the photo frames for this great gift ideas.

33-Twine, Ribbon, or Yarn Storage

Twine Ribbon or Yarn Storage

Don’t let your yarn or ribbon tangle. With this essential idea keep them safe and away from dust for long lasting use. Check out She’s Kinda Crafty for the Mason jar twine storage tutorial.

34-Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

This idea work well with the chocolate  advent that will fill your jar with interesting things to do and enjoy. Thanks to Studio DIY for this clever idea and advent calendar printables.

Use Jars in the home Garden

35-Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden

Have your won indoor herb garden that will light up space with fragrance and beauty. Very easy to do and maintain. Does not need much place too. Thanks to Food, Family & Finds for this Mason jar indoor herb garden idea and photo.

36-Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden

Create your own cute miniature succulent garden  idea that will light up your space as well and adds freshness around. Thanks to One Project Closer for this succulent garden tutorial and photo.

37-Beachy Terrarium

Beachy Terrarium

If you love terrarium, Have your own miniature lovely terrarium with pretty seashells and seaglass that we find on beach. Thanks to mom 4 real for the beachy terrarium tutorial and photo.


38-Mason Jar Wall Planter

Mason Jar Wall Planter

Make your wall interesting with Mason jar wall planter that is easy to make  and light to handle on daily basis. Thanks to for the wall planter tutorial.

Home Decoration with Jars

39- Pendant Hanging Light

Pendant Hanging Ligh

Pendant hanging light can be simplest and most amazing way to light up any corner of the room. Easy and light weighted to hang around in any corner. Thanks to A Beach Cottage for the Mason jar pendant light tutorial and photo.

40-Hanging Jar Lanterns

Hanging Jar Lanterns

Say good bye to those lanterns with paper if you are bored of having them. bring in lovely jar lanterns that can be hanged anywhere to spark up the brightness of light. Thanks to Brit+co. for this easy hanging jar lanterns tutorial and photo.

41-Pencil Holders

Pencil- olders

Jar make a beautiful and heavy pencil holder. DIY with some decorative or simply paint up your name on it and the pencil stand is ready to rock your desk or table. Thanks to Kootut murut for the pastel jar step-by-step instructions and photos.

42-Painted Vases

Painted Vases

If you wish to have bulky glass vase, then here it is. Simply take those jar you have in your house and plant it with shrub or decorate it with flower arrangement. Little Miss Momma teaches you how to repurpose old glass jars and bottles into painted Mason jar vases.

43-Mason Jar Monogram Light

Mason Jar Monogram Light

Have monogram light at home? Use it and make a perfect DIY idea for your room. Thanks to Oleander and Palm for the unique Mason jar monogram light idea and tutorial.

44-Mini Blender

Mini Blender

You don’t need those big blender for little things like your shakes and juices. Use the classic jar as a mini blender that save up your time and space. Thanks to Small Home Big Start for the useful tip and photos.

45-Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispenser

Glass is a perfect material to reuse when taken care. It clean out all the stains easily. So make best use of it with the reuse idea of Soap Dispenser.

46-Storage for Matches

Storage for Matches

Jars work as a multi storage unit for all those small messy things. Reuse your jar for Matches as well so that you don’t have to search them anywhere. c

47-Bathroom Organizer

Bathroom Organizer

If you have pins or cloth pins dis-organized in bathroom then use jar as a bathroom organizer and you will have clean and tidy space. DIY Playbook provides step-by-step instructions to create this Mason jar organizer which makes a great accent piece for your bathroom.

48-Rustic Wall Piece

Rustic Wall Piece

Create a rustic wall piece out of jars and have a unique wall of your own creation to come up guests with the talent that you inhabit.

Use as a lantern

49-Colorful Mason Jar Lantern with Beaded Handle

Add in beaded handle to your jar and fill up colours to it. This can be a perfect decorative Mason jar for your festive or room DIY idea. Buggyandbuddy provides every instruction of Lantern with beaded handle.

50-Mason Jar Solar Lantern

Mason Jar Solar Lantern

Create your own solar lantern that will take up all the limelight. Place it anywhere near the window or in the garden area. Thanks to The weedemandreap for the mason jar solar lantern tutorial and photo.


Candle Holders

51-Non-Traditional Advent Candles

Non Traditional Advent Candles

A non traditional way to use candle is the advent candle jar that will have a becutiful base for candle.

52-Candle In A Bottle

Candle In A Bottle

When the light shines through the wall of glasses, it simply makes everything look beautiful. With the candle in a bottle, an easiest DITY idea, you can just make your room shine bright even in the darkness.

53-Make Beeswax Candles

Make Beeswax Candles

Create a beeswax candle out of the classic glass and make it a beautiful DIY gift idea as well. You can check out the steps on how to make beeswax, they are available online. Here’s the tutorial.

54-Usage as a Lamp

Usage as a Lamp

Glass is the nicest lamp you can have. They make everything look simple yet elegant. Using them as a lamp would be a perfect idea. . Thanks to redberrybarn for the useful tip and photos.

55-Butterfly Feeder

Butterfly Feeder

Create a lovely butterfly feeder with the help of a glass jar and place it near your window or in the garden area. This is indeed a beautiful thought. Thanks to for the butterfly feeder  photo and tutorial.



Simply Wow! Create a chandelier using multiple glasses may it be with 4 or with more number of glasses, this chandelier shall be the unique one that you will own. Thanks to johnie for decorative mason jar ideas.

57-Gratitude/Blessing Jar

Gratitude Blessing Jar

Have a jar of blessing from dear ones or for dear ones. This one is a unique way to always send blessing to dear ones that they will love to showcase in the room. Thanks to Marty Walden for creative uses for mason jars tips.

58-Bathroom storage

Bathroom storage

Store all your little things in a bathroom in a jar. This will help your keep everything organized and easy to handle as well. Honor to Pauline for giving things to do with mason jars.

59-Craft Storage

Craft Storage

Store your creative, crafty items in jar that will make it easier for you to find materials when working. The view through glass will help you know what’s inside and makes easier to find. Thanks to Linda for giving unique mason jar uses ideas.                                                                                                   

60-Desk Storage

Desk Storage

Make your desk more organized and creative with the DIY glass jar desk storage for pins, pens, stationary and etc. Once again thanks to linda for desk storage ideas.



Yes! You can have your own scarecrow made out of glass jars. Have it in your garden area or near your kitchen window. Sumo thanks for your scarecrow ideas.



A great way to reuse jars during holidays and winters. Thanks to malia for snowman mason jar ideas.



This is a most popular and best way to reuse jars. Preserve your own food in a jar and be master in your own kitchen world.

64-Candy jars

Candy jars

Simply mysterious! Preserve candies in the jar and let the jar be as colorful as your candies are.

65-Twine Dispenser

Twine Dispenser

Manson jar can be a great helper to keep your craft room tidy with this easy to do Twine Dispenser. This makes it super organized idea to have everything in its place. Get the tutorial at A Casarella.

66-poured candle

poured candle

Manson jars are a great as a vessel. Use them as a poured candle with customized Thank you lid in it. Get the tutorial at Something Turquoise.


67-Bathroom organizer

Bathroom Organizer

Mason jar when attached to a wooden pallet, makes a perfect  storage option with elegance in bathroom. Helps in storing cotton balls and etc. Get the tutorial from Skinny Meg.

68-Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers

This one is an easiest DIY project to pull off over. Get the tutorial at The 36th Avenue.


69-soap dispenser

Soap Dispenser

Reuse Mason jar as a soap dispenser in your bathroom. Get the tutorial at simply Bold.70- Strings Lights
spend a long evening in your backyard porch with a lovely strings lights.

71- Photo Frame

Photo Frame

An easiest DIY idea to keep all memories in  beautiful frame work.Get the tutorial on August and After.


72-Moss Terrarium

Moss Terrarium

If you are a Terrarium lover then you will be lucky one to know this easy mason glass jar DIY idea. Get the tutorial at Parent Pretty.


73- Canning jar drink tumbler

Canning jar drink tumbler

This one is a perfect idea of a good and energetic morning. This one s multipurpose idea that will also fit in your cup holder when traveling.


74- Air Freshener

Air Freshener

Make your own Lemon, rosemary and  vanilla room freshen that will freshen up the room.

Get the tutorial at Thistlewood Farms.




Mason jar speaker kit has everything that you need to build in your own Smartphone speaker.

76-Gilded Vase

Gilded Vase

Make your picnic table glittery with easy DIY ideas to reuse the jar. Using foam brush apply  irregular patches of glitter sheet.

77- Pendant Light Fixture

Pendant Light Fixture

A cluttered jar lantern would look best at your farmhouse dine table or in the garden. Get the detail and photo of pendant light fixture.


78-Cupcake Liner Storage

 Cupcake Liner Storage

Keep your leftovers of cupcake liners in one place by reusing mason jar. Get the tutorial at Texas Joy.


79-edible Party Favors 

edible Party Favors

Make individual serving special with the edible party flavors presented in a jar. See more ideas at Southern Weddings.

80-Tealight Lantern

Tealight Lantern

This one is the easy nightmare light idea that would make your day and night special with the presentation.


81- Knitting Needle jar cover

Knitting Needle jar cover

Keep your crochet needles at one place in a neat and tidy way. How? DIY mason jar with colours and reuse it for needle storage. Get the tutorial on page 20-21 of covet garden.


82-Beach in jar Terrarium

Beach in jar terrarium

Make a perfect summer accessory with simple DIY inexpensive terrarium in jar to place anywhere. Get the tutorial on making home base.


83-Cherry Pitter

Cherry Pitter

Make mason jar a creative way to use it for kitchen accessories. Easting cherries can be hassle free with this DIY idea.


84-Desk Caddy


Say Bye-Bye too Messy cluttered desk. It’s time to make your desk look candid with lovely easy to do DIY Desk candy idea.


85- Leftover paint container

Leftover paint container

Pull left over colour in these tiny jar and keep your garage space organized and handy. Get the tutorial at Goodbye, House! Hello, Home!


86- Escort Cards

Escort Cards

Use mason jars for Escort card and say bye to those traditional paper cards. Get the tutorial at Emmanile Bride.

87- Sugar Shaker

Sugar Shaker

Use it for anything like powdered sugar, salt or cinnamon. Your Mason jars can be a perfect way to reuse for kitchen accessories. Get the tutorial at the burlap bag.

88- Travel Time Capsule

Travel Time Capsule

Keep memories of your last trip like postcards and tickets assemble in beautiful glass jars. Get the tutorial on Lauren likes.

89-Branch vase

Branch vase

Craft up glass jar for your cocktail mix. Get the tutorial on Garden mama.


90- Wine Glasses


Make beautiful and unique wine glasses out of mason glass jars. Get the tutorial on Modern Day Moms.

91-Cocktail shaker

Cocktail Shaker

Jars make a perfect shaker for you when hosting parties at home.

92-Pie Holders

Pie Holders

The adorable mini banana pie can be a perfect way to reuse jars. Get the recipe at My Humble Kitchen.

93-Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts

This one of the best hostess gift ever during holidays. Mason jar cookies company gift away hand picked jars during festive. Get the tutorial on Momtasic diy.


94- Pencil Sharpener

Pencil Sharpener
Yes! You red it right. Jars can be a good idea to keep your sharpener waste at ne place. Also, easy to do it yourself.


95-Wall Scone

Wall Scone

Ahha! You have got the perfect home decor idea to light up boring walls. Reuse jars to make wall scones on your own and you would love on your creation.


96-Snow Globe

Snow Globe


Snow globe is a good idea as well to present your dear ones with a memorable long-lasting present. Get the tutorial on BLDG 25.

97-Party centerpiece

Party centerpiece


Have an amazing fine centerpiece with the mason jar. You will surely surprise your loving guests with this. Get the tutorial at Lilyshop.

98- Tiki Torches

Tiki Torches


Fashion up the line of tiki torches in your backyard. Bugs won’t come to know what hit them. Get the tutorial at The Frugal Homemaker.




Simply Wow! Create a chandelier using multiple glasses may it be with 4 or with more numbers of glasses, this chandelier shall be the unique one that you will own. Get the tutorial at