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10 Unique Personalized Christmas Gifts to Give This Year

Posted by ocillious 07th December 2017 0 Comment(s)


10 Unique Personalized Christmas Gifts to Give This Year.


Gifting is an art itself, which requires lots of planning and execution before picking up the right gift. Therefore, this festive season you can elevate your spirit by going for unique Christmas gifts also, make sure it is something they’ll love. Here are our top 9 hand selected personalized gifts for your loved one.


10) Personalized Piggy Bank


Personalized piggy bank


Piggy banks have always been in demand, but the personalized have taken them up to a new level. Thus, offer him/her a piggy bank in which they will keep some money inside it. Make saving fun by gifting them a colorful piggy bank. The name written on the bank will bring a gleeful smile on their face. Not only kids, but even adults can lighten their joy of childhood with the personalized piggy bank.


9) Personalized Pillowcase


2.	Personalized pillowcase


A person’s couch and bed are the one place where they’ll come back to relax after a hectic day. The soft and comfy bed along with a cuddly pillow will make them feel cozy. Hence, opt for a personalized pillow for your dear one. If there is a little one in your family the pickup according to the cartoon characters. You can also gift it to your beloved on Valentine’s Day or as a token of appreciation.


8) Photo Snow Mundo


Photo Snow Globe


Christmas is an enthralling time of the year where you gift one another. And there is no better way of celebrating the season other than offering a photo snow globe. It holds two photos with your beloved one with a hint of snow dusting. This precious souvenir keeps your relationship stronger with him/her. Even if you can’t be in person you can go to send personalized gifts online.


7) Personalized Cutting Board


Personalized Cutting Board


For the woman who loves cooking, a personalized, cutting board is an ideal gift to show her appreciation. Made from the wood, this board will add class to her kitchen. You can get the customized one along with any quote scribbled on the cutting board according to her likes of her font and style. Not to forget you get an opportunity to taste different food. Yummy isn’t it?


6) Memories Jewelry Box


Memories Jewelry Box


Every woman loves jewelry because it makes her stand out from the crowd. However, the question arises where to store them? Because of which this Christmas you can always gift her memories jewelry box. A secure spot to stock up all the jewelry. With different slots allotted on the box, the lid will be the most beautiful thing. You can get it engraved after her name or any dear nickname for her.


5) Custom Name Bracelet


Custom Name Bracelet


Say “I love you” in the most spectacular way by gifting her custom name bracelet. The name written on the bracelet could be about her or the pet she adores the most. It can come in three metals such as silver, gold and rose gold. You can select the one which suits her best on her wrist. An ultimate Christmas gift which she will wear day and night.


4) Family Memories Map Wall Art


Family Memories Map Wall Art


A picture tells you a memory, however, a series of picture conveys you a story. Remember the first time you met or went to the hiking together. For all those moments, gift him a Family memories map wall art. This gift will brighten up his day and tell him again how much you care.


3) Mignon and Mignon Personalized Necklace


Mignon and Mignon Ppersonalized Necklace


The day you met/ married each other has to be the best day of your life. Express gratitude to each other by presenting a personalized necklace which comes in gold, silver and rose gold. This pendant shape will signify your love towards each other.


2) Personalized Rock Slate


Personalized Rock Slate


Enhance your photographs by giving personalized rock slate to your folks. All the memories which you have a treasure till now can be presented in the most natural and attractive way. Each rock slate comes in a stylish form which will make you feel cheerful at the same time you’ll relive memories.


1) Personalized Rock Glass


Personalized Rock Glass


Raise a toast to your relationship with classic rock glasses. Whether it’s your anniversary or birthday – perfect way to jazz up with personalized barware gifts and glasses. You can add an amusing nickname or monogram it and have some real fun.  Besides, give a bottle of booze to boost up the spirits.


Christmas is just around the corner. For that reason ensure to offer a gift which will be dearly loved by your recipient. With the little effort, you can bring a smile to your cherish one’s face.  


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