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14 Helpful Personalized Gift Ideas for Mom

Posted by ocillious 18th April 2017 0 Comment(s)


14 Helpful Personalized Gift Ideas for Mom


One of the most important people in your life is your mother. So, you cannot afford to forget any day which celebrates her – be it her birthday or Mother’s Day or any other special day in her life. So, to make her special days even more special, you can give her some beautiful personalized gifts. These gifts are more special than a normal gift because they have a touch of customization attached to them which make the gifts more special and personal. So, if you are looking for personalized gifts for mom to give her on her special day, then, here are 14 of the most beautiful and helpful personalized gifts that you can give her.


1) Personalized Floral Coffee Mugs


Personalized Floral Coffee Mugs


If your mom likes to drink coffee or any other hot beverages, then personalized coffee mugs is the best idea as a gift for your mom. These personalized coffee mugs come in floral prints and have her name custom printed on the mugs itself. So, these personalized coffee mugs are not only beautiful, but practical as well.


2) Floral Coffee Tumblers


Floral Coffee Tumblers


If your mom is still working and likes to drink her coffee or tea or just some sweet cold drink on the go, then a floral coffee tumbler is the perfect gift for her. These come with a blush pink or a navy blue background and are available in some beautiful floral prints. These tumblers are BPA and acrylic free.


3) Gold Bold Striped Tumbler


Gold Bold Striped Tumbler



 For the mom who are not into floral prints and items like that, you can gift her a gold bold striped tumbler. These tumblers are customizable with a large black initial of her name in a whimsical script font. They are BPA and acrylic free, and includes a twist-off lid and straw.


4) Personalized Wedding Favor Boxes


Personalized Wedding Favor Boxes


A wedding is a special event for the bride, groom, and their families. So, if you are either the bride or the groom, you can help your mom, after the wedding, by helping her send wedding favors. These favors can be sent to the attendees of the weddings’ in beautiful personalized wedding favor boxes which come in various shapes and sizes which can include a wide array of gifts.


5) Personalized Text Party Signs


Personalized Text Party Signs


For the mother who likes to organize parties, you can get her personalized test party signs. These are present in both metallic and color fonts. You can choose from 2 color options, an array of patter and design options, and lines of custom text. There are 10 different color choices for the font, and these signs are available for various occasions, like weddings, baby showers, or even, birthdays.


6) Custom Typography Party Sign


Custom Typography Party Sign


If you are not in custom building party signs, you can choose from some easy and pre-customized designs which have been created for weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, and various other events. These signs are provided in 2 color choices, a choice for pattern, a choice for design, and space for a line of customized texts.


7) Gold Mom Necklace


Gold Mom Necklace


Your mother, or any other mother for that matter will love to own an 18k gold plated mom necklace. The necklace is 19” long, and has the word ‘Mom’ written in a beautiful script font. Each necklace has an insert card with them which come in a floral watercolor design, and has the line ‘Thank You for all that you do’ written in them.


8) Mom Journal


MOM Journal


A mother can use a journal for many things – planners, agendas, list of contacts, grocery lists, and other things. So, a customized Mom journal for your mother will be best idea for a gift to her. Each of these journals are decorated with confetti gold dots, a monogramed initial of your mother’s name, and 80 blank pages.


9) Mr.& Mrs. Stemless Glasses


Mr.& Mrs. Stemless Glasses


This is a gift, not only for your mother, but also your father. These beautiful champagne glasses are the perfect item for toasting any celebrations. Each glass comes with either the word ‘Mr.’ written in black vinyl font, or the word ‘Mrs.’ Written in a shiny gold font. You can add a more personal touch by adding drink stirrers or metallic straws.


10) Flower Girl T-Shirt


Flower Girl T-Shirt


If your mother loves flowers, then she will love to get ready in her very own flower girl t-shirt. These shirts comes in white color, and has the words ‘flower girl’ written in gold color and a script font. These shirts are 100% cotton and are available in 4 sizes – S, M, L, and XL.


11) Flower Girl Hanger


Flower Girl Hanger


Your mother probably has a lot of clothes but very few hanger. So, give her a flower girl hanger – a customized wooden hanger. Each of these hangers are made from solid hardwood and have a polished gold swivel hook. They can even have their name written in a metallic gold vinyl script font.


 12) Floral Monogram Key-chains


Floral Monogram Keychains


Since floral is one of the top trending fashions this year, you can give your mother a floral key-chain in which she can hang her keys. These key-chains comes in blush pink or navy blue color. The initial of your mother’s name can be monogrammed on the key-chain with a metallic gold vinyl font.


13) Monogram Mason Jar Candles


Monogram Mason Jar Candles


One of the beautiful and useful gift you can give your mother are Mason jar candles. They have practical uses and can be used over and over again. Each candle comes within a heavy glass mason jar with the monogrammed initial of her name written in a metallic gold font, and the jar has a gold floral lid. These candles have a lovely floral scent, and made from 100& soy wax.


14) Cosmetic Gift Bag Ideas


Cosmetic Gift Bag Ideas


A cosmetic gift bag is the perfect gift for your mother. These gift bags will include some of the best cosmetic items you can find, from the best cosmetic manufacturers like Lakme, Maybelline, etc. The cosmetic gift bag itself can be a beautiful cardboard box or even a jewelry box with her initial monogrammed on the lid of the box.


So, these are some of the best and useful personalized gifts you can gift your mother. These personalized gifts are quite beautiful and have that extra personal touch attached to them. You can find a wide array of personalized gift online. So, go online and get her a beautiful gift.


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