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11 Unexpected Personalized Gifts for Him on First Anniversary

Posted by ocillious 13th June 2017 0 Comment(s)


11 Unexpected Personalized Gifts for Him on First Anniversary


Your first marriage anniversary is approaching. Have you planned any gift for your hubby?

If days are less and you don’t want to something big, then you can plan some personalized gifts for him. Your husband has always surprised you by giving you gift on every occasion. Now it’s your time to make his day special on your first marriage anniversary.

If you have not planned anything, then these are some personalized anniversary gift ideas for him.


1.Create a Personalized Photo Book 


  • Create an album of your honeymoon pics for your husband.
  • There are many free apps where you can create an album from the uploaded Instagram images.
  • You can create mini books, posters and square prints.
  • You can also choose modern template for making card cover photo book.
  • This photo book will create the memories for lifetime.
  • You can even show this personalized photo album to your granddaughter/grandson.


2.Get Tickets: for Movie or Concert or Flying to Somewhere 


  • On your first anniversary, surprise your husband with the tickets. 
  • The tickets can be for a concert, a play, a sporting event and a hot air balloon ride.
  • You can also plan a trip and get the plane ticket to reach to your destination.
  • You can print the ticket on a colorful paper and surprise him.
  • This also provides you an opportunity to spend some time with your beloved husband.



3.Customized Art Print


Customized Art Print


  • You can gift your husband, an art print that can be customized according to him.
  • Choose the subject matter that holds a personal meaning to both of you.
  • There are many websites that sell wall art and posters.
  • Independent artists or local artists can offer many options of framing.
  • You can decorate these art print at your personal space.
  • Enjoy your morning looking at this art print
  • This customized art print will remind you of the lovely moments spent together.



4.Activity Book: Make Memory Together 


  • You both can design an activity book together.
  • This will allow you to spent some time together and rejoice the memories.
  • This activity book will provide you many memories spent together.
  • Enjoy the evening doing the chores together and making the activity together.
  • You can complete two jobs simultaneously spending time and completing activity book to preserve ever lasting memories.



5.DIY Paper Flowers


  • You can make paper flowers by your own.
  • It will give you an opportunity to try your creativity for your husband.
  • Make the beautiful design on these paper flowers.
  • You can also store these paper flowers.
  • Decorate these paper flowers in a vase as a decorative material.
  • Your husband is going to appreciate your creativity and skill.



6.Personalized Art Gifts for Two 


Personalized Art Gifts for Two


  • A hand drawn custom made family portrait can be gifted to your husband.
  • If you are fond of drawing, you can draw something very fascinating on the paper and surprise him.
  • You can add your creativity and skills in the drawing.
  • Create the portrait with the help of online app and print it yourself.
  • Take the print on colorful and stylish paper.
  • You can also choose Comic like characters to make the portrait.
  • If you are away from your husband send personalized gifts to your husband on the eve of your first anniversary.



7.Handwritten Love Letters 


  • In this fast paced life, we hardly write love letter by ourselves.
  • Hand written love letters convey the feelings and emotions in the most beautiful way.
  • You can write as many love letters as you want.
  • Gift these love letters to your husband on your first marriage anniversary.
  • When you and your husband will read these love letters, then you will be filled with emotions and romance.


8.Handmade Paper Jewelry 

  • Make unique jewelry from paper and gift him on your first marriage anniversary.
  • You can write song in that piece of jewelry.
  • It is just awesome to make the handmade jewelry for him.
  • Make bracelet, necklace and ring for him.
  • Propose him with handmade paper ring on your first marriage anniversary.
  • In this way you can recreate the moment of your engagement.



9.Rare Book: Give his Favorite Book


  • He might be searching for his favorite book from quite a very long time.
  • Gift him novel, he is going to love you for that.
  • Try to take the sign of his favorite writer on that book. 



10.Card Games for Playing Together 


  • Playing card is a very good idea to spend the evening together.
  • You can have a bottle of Champaign and light snacks to keep your mood elevated.
  • You can select games like phase 10, Fluxx and Mille borbes.



11.Hollow Book with Surprise Gift


  • Find a hollow book and keep some gifts inside it.
  • You can place jewelry, heart shaped chocolates, rose flowers and much more.


I hope that by following these ideas will make your first anniversary celebration successful.


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