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9 Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Personalized

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9 Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Personalized


Weddings are the most special day in the life of two who are going to start their new journey. On this special occasion, everything has to be special and memorable for the two and for people who are going to attend the event. Here are some interesting way to personalize your wedding with something that is traditional yet can be given a modern twist.


1. Personalized Wedding Invitation Card


Personalized Wedding Invitation Card 


Wedding cards are the most fun way to start with. All the preparations start with an invitation card. So personalizing it with your photo, design or anything that you think is unique makes a wonderful idea. There re very less who experiment with this, the reasons can be anything. But if you have handful of time and a right way to implement it, the personalized wedding card would be the great idea to start with.


2. Personalized Menu Card


 Personalized Menu Card


The second and most important part of the weddings is the food. The food stall at the wedding is where most of your guest has fun together. So to make their time worth it and interesting; design a menu card in a way that each attendee remembers your wedding for this reason. To customize it, all you have to do is simply create a unique design of your name or name the items in a wedding theme which will be interesting to read out for guests.


3. Personalized Dining Table Napkin


 Personalized Dining Table Napkin


There are few things, which are not noticeable yet has an impact when included. The dining table napkins are always seen in wedding to be presented in a different way. They are placed in glasses or are folded in a way that it creates and interesting shape and so on. To make your wedding personalized, think of something theme related to get on your napkins. Choose a theme of monogram party and choose a printed monogram design of table cloth. Try to follow white to ivory, pink every shade of table cloth makes the perfect decking of the dining table. You can also go with signature dinner table decoration that will just save your time and efforts.


4. Add Personalized Touch to Groom and Bride


Add Personalized Touch to Groom and Bride


The limelight of the whole theme is the bride and Groom. So start with them if you wish to get planned everything perfectly. Personalized dresses and elements of bride and groom will make it perfect personalized idea for the wedding. To see both of them in highly inspiring and motivational attire is real happiness. A bride can go with personalizing her wedding Accessories while the groom can have embroidery on his suit to match her.

To add a more personalized touch, the bride can get personalized cufflinks and can get the attention grabbed by guests. To add in some excitement, a bride can use handkerchief that is personalized, ring or earring too. While on the other hand groom can walk in with style, with a personalized wedding shoe. There are unlimited choices to do for attire!


5. Personalized Cuff Links


Personalized Cuff Links


Cuff links can be just eye catchy to get personalized for your wedding. There are many ways in which you personalize it, but simply adding a date or name on it would make it even perfect for the whole idea. Cuff links are one the easiest and most impactful ideas that you can always go with for your wedding. There are different types of cuff links available which can blow up your mind and make you choose one for them for your big day!


6. Use Personalized Wine Glasses and Bottle


Use personalized wine Glasses and Bottle  


Do you wish to make it a little more interesting for your guests? Get some Personalized glassware gifts for your wedding and you will just make the perfect move to personalized your big day.

These are one of the expensive gift ideas to personalize the wedding. It is available easily online through multiple suppliers. You also get to choose color and design for this. Spending on napkin is a bit tricky, but you can always play safe with this idea. However, you can consider embroidered napkin that your guest will love to keep it with themselves.


7. Set Up Dining Table with Personalized Candle


 Set Up Dining Table with Personalized Candle


Candles are very soothing and heartwarming. On your big day having an arrangement of candles would just make everything pretty romantic and sensuous to remember everyone. May it be for your ceremony or to for your reception you can just adorn your table with the personalized candles. They are a subtle ways to add elements to your whole decor and personalize it with a name. It can be of any size, the candles can be personalized with printed label on it or have a personalized name on it.


8. Personalized Instagram Hash Tags


Personalized Instagram Hash Tags

One of the most trending wedding trends going now is the hashtags. Creating your own unique hash tag for the wedding and using it throughout your should promotions and the wedding arrangement makes on a perfect plan for the whole personalized wedding concept.

Getting the unique personalized gifts delivery with this hashtag would be a perfect to idea. Create a whole hype of tagging the photos of the wedding with a hash tag or just have one corner of the venue a board which has all the hash tag details. This will create a perfect wedding personalization idea to go with the trend. So simply hand over each guest a card that will have the message of “Let’s get social” With the hash tag and your guest would just love to share their pictures.


9. Personalized Wedding Favors Fetcher


Personalized Wedding Favors Fetcher  


A lovely cute goodie as a favor or thank you message can be given to the guest. It can be a small wrap of chocolate with a thank you label on it or a personalized message to address of the recipient. This will give a perfect personal touch to your arrangements, even when you are busy looking after other things of the wedding.  This personalized favor ideas are easily available and can be arranged in no time!


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