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9 Personalized Engagement Gifts Ideas in Your Budget

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9 Personalized Engagement Gifts Ideas in Your Budget


Everyone knows that December is regarded as the most beautiful and popular month for all the couples planning to get engaged.  In fact, more than half of all the engagements take place between the month of November and January with the much awaited Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and of course Valentine’s Day , to be considered as the top four days for the couples to pop that specific question. This definitely means you have probably heard or going to hear about the great news coming from most of the happy couples who in love. May be you will even see different invites to such engagement parties coming in the mail


Gifts for Engagement Party


Are you not yet sure what to get for the couple getting engaged? Are you wondering what can be an appropriate gift to be given for the engagement party?

Although gifts given in an engagement are not always necessary, they are at times appropriate, mainly if you are attending any formal party for engagement. Gifts or no gifts, one absolute thing one should never be neglected is of sending the engaged couple the heartfelt best wishes and congratulations.

For any impromptu party for engagement that is of a more casual kind, considering a small gist for engagement or even that of a bottle of any champagne or good wine can be a good one. For an affair of a more formal kind with invitations coming by mail, one must consider a much more elaborate couples keepsake or a gift that will definitely serve particularly as a kind of a memento for the particular special occasion. If there is no such engagement party, one can still consider celebrating it with either a particular personalized love gifts for him or her, depending on the connection with the couple, or any meaningful couple’s gift. And do not forget to give a handwritten note of the best wishes and congratulations!


Engagement Gift Under $25


-Toasting Glass $14.97



Toasting Glass $14.97


Toast to happiness and to health with the Personalized Toasting Glass. This is considered to be styled traditionally with toasting flute that holds eight ounces of some of the best bubbly one can ever find. Customize with any single initial.


- Inspirational Heart Compact Mirror $19.97


Inspirational Heart Compact Mirror $19.97


This one is a gorgeous silver-plated Personalized and customized Inspirational Heart Compact Mirror which is engraved with a cross that reminds your loved one of her immense faith every time she takes and uses it. This is an amazing keepsake gift, with the compact shaped as a heart is the correct size for any small pocket or purse which also includes a very lovely cross and much personalized. Compact features with both magnifying and a regular mirror. It measures around 2 1/2"x 2 1/4". One can even personalize it with any one line and can move of up to fifteen characters.


-White Trim I Phone Case $19.97


White Trim I phone case $19.97


One can even turn any particular model of iPhone into a much fashionable accessories with these fifteen different customized iPhone cases. These are available in different designs which are suitable for women and men both. Made lightweight and yet durable poly carbonate which is hard shell, the snap-on, white-rimmed case definitely protects the phone from any dents and scratches. Customize them and thus make these extra unique!


-Village Shopping Tote $19.97


Village Shopping Tote $19.97


Are you looking for a much fashionable way so as to carry the grocery purchases and thus save trees? Latch onto the personalized and customized Village Quilted Shopping tote which is an roomy and attractive quilted tote for shopping that is definite to come in much handy on the next visit to the favorite boutique or farmers market. Made absolutely from a material which is non-woven, it is available in absolute trendy colors and that includes a handy pocket outside and double straps which is personalized with the initial of your loved one.


-Gleeful Coffee Mug$19.97


Gleeful Coffee Mug$19.97


Got an ardent coffee lover in life? You should definitely consider providing him or her with their very own personalized and customized ceramic coffee mug, absolutely available in colors including white with a bundle of designs that will definitely suit about in any occasion. Attractive and colorful, these coffee mugs are regarded as great for home or office use and are quite an affordable way to express that you are thinking about them.  Coffee mugs can be personalized with two or three lines and move up to twenty characters.


Engagement Gift Under $50


-Personalized Couples Sojourn Luggage Tags $45.99


Personalized Couples Sojourn Luggage Tags $45.99


Engagement gift ideas for her can be quite selective. Personalized and customized Couples Sojourn Luggage Tags offering in absolute styles are regarded as a perfect solution for any couples who are newly wed or in that case for married twosome. Whether you are honeymoon bound or in a mood to take a trip together, these amazing tags are absolute attention grabbers. They are a great way of identifying your bags! Much ideal for an anniversary gifts or wedding gifts!


-MIDNIGHT Pocket Watch $35.97


MIDNIGHT Pocket Watch $35.97


These are quite handsome and of course bit mysterious, the customized Midnight Pocket Watch looks classy with some modern day twist. They feature an attractive and gorgeous black finish with a matching black face and adorned with few white numerals in Roman style. These are secured with some matching sturdy chain; it features Movement of the Quartz.

-Prom Frame $35.97


Prom Frame $35.97


Help making lasting memories forever with this classy looking white and black Formal Prom Frame. They are perfect for any special photo captured from the unforgettable night. They also feature the name of the engaged couples. The measures of the frame are 8" x 10" and definitely holds 4" x 6" photo.


-Couples Unity Hearts Throw Pillow$49.99


Couples Unity Hearts Throw Pillow$49.99


This is a beautiful pillow colored in white and is perfect for any couples who would definitely love to celebrate the unity and bond with this personalized memento perfect for giving as a gift. One can select from twenty different colors with names printed in black.


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