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Which One is a Perfect Personalized Gift for Mom?

Posted by ocillious 29th April 2017 0 Comment(s)


Which One is a Perfect Personalized Gift for Mom?


With no disrespect to fathers, but Mothers are the best gifts of our lives. Sometimes we are low. We need support; we are sad. Then one hug from our mothers works like magic. They heal us. They cheer us up. And they strive to do anything and everything to keep us smiling. But as we grow up, we become very busy in our lives. And we hardly give time to them. But they deserve a sincere thank you from us. This article discusses 10 best ways personalized gifts for our Mothers.


1) Personalized Thank You Note for Mom


Personalized Thank You Note for Mom


This is the best way to express your gratefulness to your mother. Mothers do not expect anything from us. A beautiful letter expressing your love for her is the best gift she could ever expect from her children. Make the note emotional and get it framed. So that she can keep it safe.


2) Personalized Bar Necklace


Personalized Bar Necklace


Mothers love gifts that they can use. A simple yet beautiful wooden bar necklace for her would make her day. Keep it simple as you know your mother’s choice. You can give her a single metal piece necklace with a hand written small message engraved on it. Or you can gift her two or three piece metal bar necklace with a note of love on it. The personal hand written message might include a simple ‘love you mom’. Or a small thank you note engraved on it. Or, might be two lines from her favorite song. Order and have such personalized gifts delivery from online sites.


3) Stunning Lockets


Stunning Lockets


The personalized gift simple like a stunning yet beautiful locket. The locket might be a very tiny jeweler box with a small glass ball inside it. The colored ball is the locket attached with the chain. The cover box might have engraved heart all over it, or with some small floral designs. Order such unique personalized gift for mom from online sites.


4) Personalized Generation Photo


Personalized Generation Photo


This is a unique gift. And it can present it to any elderly person in the family. A generation photo is individual photos of people in a single photo in a generation order. Each one of them holds a single frame in similar way. Like vertical or horizontal or diagonal. Then the editing would be easy. Then print those photos. Frame it from youngest to the oldest generation. From little girl, her mother, her grandmother. But as this is for mother, only the mother daughter duo will also work.


5) Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase


Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase


This is a reasonable yet beautiful gift. Everyone has Mason jar in their house, empty or stuffed. Pick up an empty mason jar, and stick a shaped art paper cutting at one outside part of the jar. Then either spray or color the whole jar with a soft poster color- pink or sky blue. Then dry it and take the art paper off the jar. Then paste a photo of you and your mom inside the jar in a way that the picture’s part is visible from outside. Stick a paper cup inside, put some of her favorite flowers and gift her.


6) Hand-Print Oven Mitt


Hand-Print Oven Mitt


A hand-print oven mitt is an emotional gift for your mother. It is very simple to create. Buy an oven mitt, have some poster color, smudge it all over your little hand. And leave a strong print over it. Dry it in proper manner and gift wrap it with a sweet note attached to it. The note might contain a emotional message. That is ‘no matter what this hand will never leave your hands, Thank You Mom.’ Or to make it a little more special. Stick a heart shaped paper on your hand before putting the poster color. And leave that part of the hand clean so that the print show a heart shaped gap


7) Printable Wood Photo Gift


Printable Wood Photo Gift


Get 2*12 piece of pine wood board from a nearby hardware store. Make it a size of 15”. Then put good quality wood stain on it to make it preserving. Then get a print out of your small message for your mom, prefer a rusty look. The print may look like black board writing. Then pin the message along with two photos on the board and your printable wood photo gift is ready.


8) Personalized Pull-Out Photo Album


Personalized Pull-Out Photo Album


First take five consecutive snaps together with your mother. Cut them into 2” shape. Take an 8.5” W * 12” L heavy card stock. By measuring with ruler, fold the card stock in alternate manner; keep the first fold on the left side. Paste the pictures in the middle of the folds . Attach a pull out ribbon to it. Put it in a gift box. Or order this customized gift for mom online.


9) Customized Pillow Cases for Mom


Customized Pillow Cases for Mom


This is a unique handmade gift choice. First select the text that you want to print on the pillow cover. Then choose the material and get the writing printed on it. Then put the pillow inside the cover, gift wrap it and send it to your mother. The messages may include the serial birth dates of your siblings along with their names . Or a Bible proverb, she admires.


10) Personalized Washer Necklace


Personalized Washer Necklace


This is the easiest gift ever to show your creative side. First choose different sized washers, wrap them with different colorful scrap paper. Then put a 30 cm long thread, to make the chain and attach with the washer. Your gift is ready. Or one can order this customized jewelry gift online.Choose the gifts from above and Order such personalized gifts for mom online.


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